What is the best vape mod for me?

 What is the best vape mod for me?

That is a very good question. There are so many different types of pens, tube mods, regulated mods and unregulated mods. And within those, there is a wide verity of color, size, shape, wattage, touch screen and the list go’s on. Never mind what atomizer to put on it. So what is the best vape mod for me?


The vape pen

The “Vape Pen” is the most common vaporizer people start with. With its rechargeable in-house batteries and extra tank and wicks all in one simple caring case.  The vape pen could last you all day depending on how often you use it.Popular models are the eGo, EVOD, and KGo and others. It typically comes as a kit and it can be a great way to start.


It doesn’t have a lot of power (We will get into wattage a little bit later) It still puts out a lot of vapor. In the lack of power and size, it curves the urge to have a cigarette. If you are new to vaping and you tried to quite smoke cold turkey the vape pen can and will help you quite from smoking.



The Tube Mod

The tube mod, APV’s is bigger than the vapor pen, About the same size as a cigar. It has more
power and you can put different atomizer (All so-called RDA, RDTA) on it. The tube mod will have separate batterers and is fully
functional to change the wattage and temperature where the vape pen doesn’t. Now you can get a tube mods that are unregulated. You really need to be experienced in “Ohm’s Law” These are the mods that you’ve been hearing about exploding. Because of the extended batterers life, this mod has triple the vapor production. You will not be disappointed. This mod will last due to its rugged construction. This is a mod for any level smoker.



Regulated Mod

A regulated mod is any mod that you can change the settings. (Temperature and wattage) It comes with a chip in it so you cannot overload it and explode. It will look like the tube mod or like a box. The box mod is about the size as a pack of cigarettes.


A regulated box mod will have more functions like a larger digital display, veritable wattage, ohm readings, temperature, voltage, and amp readings. Some even have a touch screen. The batteries are a 3.7-volt lithium ion cell and replaceable.


They fit and feel very good in your hand. This is my personal favorite mod. There easier to carry and there very comfortable. And when using the right tank this will give you an excellent vape.


Generally, this type of mod is the most popular to the seasoned person. This is not for a beginner, If you are I would start out with a vapor pen first and get used to it making sure that vaping will work for you to help quit smoking first.  It takes about five to seven days to get used to vaping. From my experience vaping opens up your lungs.


My lungs were very tight from smoking cigarettes. When I first tried vaping I coughed a bit the first three-day while getting used to it.  But after that it was great! I loved the all the flavors, my sense of smell came back as well as my sense of taste. I could defiantly feel a big difference in my lungs. I could breath better. I said I wasn’t wheezing at night anymore. That’s was a big plus for me.





What is an atomizer?

The atomizer is a tank that holds the e-juice and has natural cotton wicks that get saturated with the e-juice and wicks up to the coil. The coil is attached to a positive and negative lead in the atomizer. And when you push the fire button the coil heats up and vaporizes the e-juice to vapor.


The vapor is produced from the coil. The coil is a small gauge wire ranging anywhere from .40-.22g. You can put all different combinations of wire together wrap them around a 3.0 mm post to create its shape. (See pictures bellow)  Once it has it’s shape then it’s installed into your atomizer. (Also known as RTA, RDTA) This is something you can learn and do yourself. Coil making has become an art form as you can see.



My favorite between the RDA and RTDA is the RDA. I just better flavor from an RDA. The only downfall to the RDA to some people is you have to drip your e-liquid into the top. An RDA only holds about 1 ml of liquid. So it’s a repetitive process. To me is worth it due to how good the flavor it produces. 1 ml equates to about four to five in-hauls.


                          RDA                                                                   RTDA




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Tips To Quitting Smoking

Here Are Some Tips To Quit Smoking

Just Before You Quit

Just before you quit you need to clean everything in your house and car. Give it a deep cleaning. You want to get that stale smoke smell out. That stale smoke smell can trigger a craving. I know, when I was a teenager my mom and dad got divorced and I stayed with my dad. We went from apartment to apartment to finally we ended up in a one room sh*t hole above a bar. There were eight rooms there and everyone smoked but me. I went to school (And still managed to graduate) smelling like an ashtray. The better your environment smell the better chance you have of quitting.

Get Rid Of Your Smoking Tools

Through away your ashtrays and liters. The less you see them the better the chance you’ll not think of lighting one up.  The less you think about smoking the better chance getting a craving.


Get Moving

You need to take up a hobby. A good for you hobby. Noooo, drinking is not it. Something like exercising. Yes, I said it. EXERCISING! That’s a healthy for you and gets the blood flowing. You know that treadmill in the corner of your bedroom that has been converted into a clothes hanger? Get on it. Go for a bike ride. Anything to take your mind off smoking. Take your dog for a walk if you have one. Do something healthy. Plus you’re going to feel much better physically and mentally. Drink lots of water. I drink about a gallon a day. This helps to flush your system out.


Replace the Habit with a Good Habit

You have to replace this bad habit with a good habit. Take up an interest, something you’ve wanted to do but just didn’t. Writing, cooking,(Be careful with this one. You may kick the habit but gain a new one if you know what I mean. get it, Gain a new one) I crack myself up… where was I, hoya, I found a program on “Online Marketing”, Lots of training, writing, reading and communicating on their “Community Page”. You can click here for more information. (Selfless Plug) Plus it’s Free! It keeps me real busy. I don’t even watch TV anymore. I can’t believe I just said that. It works for me. Try it!



Find a healthy snack

I found celery sticks or baby carrots will help. It gives your hand something to do. And you can take them with you and have them on you all the time. So when you have the urge you can reach for a carrot or celery stick. (And beat the closest person near you with it) Sorry, I had a craving. Now that’s over with.


Dealing with the stress

You’re going to need to do something with your hands when the carrots warrant cutting it for you. You can get a stress ball or clay. Something you can squeeze the sh*t out of. Maybe your neighbor’s neck. Sorry, another craving. I’m sure you find something on eBay.


For the mind

You can take up yoga or you can meditate. You’ll have to give me a second, I can’t type and laugh at the same time. OH my God, OK I’m good. All kidding aside, yoga and meditation are very good for you. They both can lead you in a spiritual path that is very gratifying. OOOH crap, I did it again. I can’t breathe… OOOH, my selfOK we need to move to the next one or I’m going myself.



They say when you’re having a craving to take deep breaths. It helps with the cravings. If you have been smoking for a long period of time you may still have nicotine residue built up in your lungs and deep heavy breathing will help release the nicotine from your lungs,


The Bottom Line

If your the 90% of the people that just know that this crap will never work for me then buckle up buttercup and get an e-cigarette! I know, there’s all sorts of scary sh*t out there about how the e-cigarette are just as bad as smoking. Bull paddy! The big tobacco companies are just trying to scare you. They don;t give a crap about your health. They just want to line their pockets with your blood money. You can click here and see for yourself. And you’ll see that e-cigarettes are way better for you than smoking.

Please OH please leave a comment on this page. And if you can’t find where to leave a comment, then get the hell off my post! 🙂







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