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Product: The Smok TF12 Cloud Beast King Sub-OHM Tank


Price: $29.95

Cheapest Place to buy: VaporDNA

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Size: 70 mm tall

  • 25mm at its base
  • 28 mm At ItsWwidestPpoint
  • Hinge And Lock Top Fill System
  • Swivels Open and Shut
  • Fill Port
  • 6ml capacity
  • SMOK V12 Engine Coil Family
  • V12 T12 Duodenary Coil Head
  • 0.12 ohm
  • Patented Duodenary Coil
  • 60 to 350W Range
  • 130 to 200W Range
  • V12 X 4 Quadruple Coil Head
  • 0.15 ohm
  • Patented Quadruple Coil
  • 60 to 190W
  • 90 to 160W Recommended Range
  • Compatible with Additional V12 Engine Coil
  • Dual Adjustable Air slots
  • Dual 15mm by 4mm air slots
  • Stainless Steel and Glass construction

Product Includes:

  • One SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One V12 T12 Duodenary Coil Head
  • One V12 X4 Quadruple Coil Head
  • One V12 Q4 Quadruple Coil Head
  • One Replacement Glass Tank Section
  • Spare Parts Pack (Gaskets)
  • Use Manual





This is perfect for people that don’t like Sub-Ohm tanks. “Why,” you ask. Becuase the second to take a drag off of this beauty you WILL want one. The air flow and flavor is on point.

I myself prefer an RDA. (Drip tank) I always thought that the RDA (An RDA uses coils that you can make yourself or buy. You have to install them yourself as well. Then you have to feed the cotton through the middle of your coil. See the picture to the right) produced the best flavor.

This is a first for me. The air flow is insane! There’s so much air flow I can only compare it to sticking your head out your car window doing 60 mph and opening your mouth.

The Dimensions

The SMOK TF12 Cloud Beast king stands 70 mm tall and is 25mm at the base. It’s the widest point is 28mm. Excellent design by making the base smaller than the middle of this sub-ohm tank.

They have allowed more space in the middle for more e-liquid, and being 25 mm at the base helps to fit most mods so you don’t have any overhang. And it being 28mm in the middle allows 6 ml of e-liquid. That’s pretty good for a sub-ohm tank.

The Quality

The quality on this SMOK TFV12 sub-ohm tank is excellent! The grip on this tank is big and bold. Looks more like a design feature than a grip. This makes it really easy to grip and unscrew from your mod.

The top slides over on its single hinge so you can add your e-liquid. I’m not a big fan of this type of filling system. I always found it to be difficult to push the top open. And you’re always at risk of pinching or tearing the top gasket.

The gaskets that hold the glass tank are very tight and I’ve never had one leak on me yet. It’s not a deal breaker by any means. Plus they give you an extra one in the box. The drip tip is 16mm wide giving you that massive air flow.

The coils

The coils for this Smok TFV12 is a massive 20mm wide. They help on the crazy air flow.

                 V12-T12                                                                    V12-T8

  • 0.12 OHM Duodenary Coil                                        0.12OHM Duodenary coil
  • Cloud Vapor Chasing                                               Brings deep and rich cloud vapor
  • 60-350W/Best 130-200W                                        70-320W/ Best 120-200W


                      V12-T6                                                               V12-X4

    • 0.17 OHM Sextuple Coil                                        0.15 OHM Quadruple Coil
    • 3 juice Flow Control Design                                   Brings deep and rich cloud taste
  •  Better e-juice atomization                                        60-220W/ Best 100-170W
  •   60-240W/ Best 110-150W


                  V12-Q4                                                                V12-RBA

  • 0.15 OHM Quadruple coil                    25mm Large Deck, Suitable for all material wire
  • Brings smooth taste                           Brings you unique vaping experience
  • 60-190W/ Best 90-160W                    Dual coil deck



  • Original Triple coil deck
  • Massive airflow and dense vapor
  • Available for single coil build as well





In conclusion

The SMOK TFV12 CLOUD BEAST KING SUB-OHM TANK is truly a beast! Superb build quality, excellent performance, The style is perfect and looks so good on any mod. And the flavor it produces is outstanding. A no brainer 9 out of 10. I had to knock it down a point for the top full system.

It I didn’t have one would I go out and buy one? Absolutely! One in every color.


I would love to hear your comments, so please leave your comments bellow.





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